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Oracle Backup and Recovery

Do you have the technical expertise to guarantee your backups are valid? If necessary can you recover your Oracle Databases? Do you have the skills required to use Oracles Recovery Manager (RMAN). Don't wait for a failure to find out.

Most Oracle DBAs rarely, if ever, recover a database. Those who do perform recoveries are not experienced with all of the possible failure scenarios.

Often backups are not performed properly. There are many reasons for bad backups. Sometimes essential database files are not included in the backup, or maybe the backup files were not written to tape properly. Many junior level DBAs do not have the experience necessary to guarantee that all database files and control files are identified so they can be backed up.

Sparrows DBAs can help. We can evaluate your system and point out vulnerabilities. We can also plan and implement a backup and recovery plan for your organization. Whether you plan to use RMAN, Operating System utilities or other 3rd party software, Sparrow has the proven expertise to help you plan for failures and to quickly recover from them.